Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday evening: Chicken with a delicious Pasta

Today was a good day.
Trip to church went smoothly,
we were at our far-away church;
it was so wonderful to see all the kids; to be there;
to just be happy there, with everyone, and the choir 
singing, and everyone taking a part... 
We went out with a dear friend and our Munckin for
ice cream and a good long talk.
Post liturgical nap after we got home and later this 
simple dinner of Pasta and Baked Chicken.
My foot's a bit sore from walking a lot today but
I am making a lot of progress and that is good.
I am going to DV use the left over noodles, sauce, 
grate some wonderful organic white cheddar cheese
and layer these and bake them for a meal on Tuesday.
I hope to make chicken pot pie tomorrow 
with the rest of our left over chicken and gravy.
I feel like our personal HARD is staring us a bit in the face
and I am trying to remember that the only face I need to look at
is our Lord Jesus Christ's.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chicken & Biscuits with Gravy

Vintage Betty Crocker 
Oven-Baked Chicken and Biscuits.
Not hard to make, everything fit to shove over and bake the 
drop biscuits which tasted wonderful
with the chicken-cream gravy on top!
Very filling and an easy to make flaky biscuit! 
I kind of cheated and did not properly cut the shortening in
but added the milk and then used my pastry cutter to mix it all up,
using a knife at the end for scraping the pastry cutter and final
stirring.... a spoon dropped them in and it baked up wonderfully!
I had to bake them longer than the 15 minutes to get them 
to brown up a bit.  This would easily feed 4 people!
We only had 1 drumstick each and will have a repeat for dinner;
2 large chicken breasts are left and one of the is going to be
for a make-shift "chicken parm" 
(but with white cheddar, since that is what we have on hand) 
and the the other baked chicken breast DV is going to be
for chicken pot pie, with the left over gravy! 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday: Cleaning, Cooking and Gratefulness

Today I was really grateful that I can walk again,
that I was able to go to NYC yesterday.
Playing that Chess game was a highlight for me,
just something fun and spontaneous with my Husband. 
Today was house cleaning day;
bed linens changed, laundry done and put away; floors mopped;
tomorrow I hope to get the bathroom sinks washed.
Mr Husband, valiantly, helped.
I baked pre-prepared shrimp and we had a salad;
for dinner salad and baked potato for Mr Husband,
salad and then oatmeal with raisins and honey for me. 
After I came home from PT (so glad for this help),
I baked pre-made vegan organic cinnamon rolls,
joking that organic sugar must surely be good for you ;)
It's nice to have a treat with my Husband; we don't actually do so 
that much, usually.
I've been having fun picking out different teacups. 
I am glad for today. 
We are still in the midst of the hard, but have a bit of
breathing room at present.
Trying to just be where I am today and try to trust God.
I've been able to do a bit of reading in our library
and that is a blessing.
It's going to take time to get one's life back after
the year we have had;
it's still not sewing time, though I did fix an
unexpected hole in a long black shirt/skirt/tunic that I have
(it was thrifted) and my Husband commented that I may want to 
have something over it to cover up my bad fix job (it bunched).
I find this funny and am not worried about it over all. 
I prepared a pasta sauce for the slow cooker tonight
and hope to make it tomorrow.
I hope to freeze some of it and am so glad I got to make this;
it's a lovely sauce;
I still can't find Italian Plum tomatoes with juice
(not a purred sauce) so we will see how this ends up...
I know last time I was disappointed, I hope for better this time....

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday: NYC in sunshine and blue skys

Today began with worry:
my foot seemed to hurt at every step upon waking.
But as the early morning slid into mid-morning,
I had determined to go as planned.
I had lots of tea, time to read and pray,
and we cabbed to NYC.
Had lunch with a dear long-time friend of Mr Husband's
who I also enjoy seeing.
I was super excited to play an improptu Chess game with 
my Husband ... he's not big into improptu if he has something he
is going to do next and it was so fun to just stop and sit and play!
I totally DON'T know how to play and in the end I managed
to even get my Husband into "check" before he "crushed me" (his words).
It was so fun and since I was out to have fun only, it was just that, FUN!
Then my beloved Husband and I went to see the NYC flagship library.
Beautiful isn't it? 
Then we went for ice cream.
Then home.
End up slumming, as we say, and having both a fresh
glazed krispy creame donut and a slice of pizza.
Later we had a salad. :) 
This really seemed like vacation, eating things we usually 
don't eat, esp all in one day!
Now I am glad that tomorrow I have PT late in the day
and hope to get some rest in.
I am pondering on what to bake next.
I want to do a veggie pot pie, as I wrote about.
I also want to make my favourite pasta sauce.
And I have chicken to bake.
Fun to have things to plan and think about!
I hope your day had something peaceful in it and that 
you are given encouragement in the midst of life's difficulties
and even sorrows.