Sunday, January 21, 2018

Yesterday, Today and a look towards next week....

I had a really nice Saturday,
one of those rare mornings when I wake up,
realize it is Saturday and that today I can actually have some rest
and my Husband will be home!
It was so nice.... and I finally got one of my hot baths for once.
And had some fun time having teas and finally, ironically, re-found my new
Judith Jones cookbook, which we were making sure was bed-bug free...
and it has gotten lost in the back of our kitchen freezer, LOL! 
Sunday we were at our far-away church and it was so nice 
and we have a visiting priest who is Romanian and I am just loving
hearing him pray prayers... he's a real joy to have serve along with our
parish priest!
Tonight we watched a Walton's episode, enjoyed leftovers!
We had a walk today too when we got home from church!
Well, this week includes house cleaning,
a NYC Thursday trip, DV, and house blessing this coming
Sunday evening!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Theophany and our last Christmas dinner

Theophany was such a full and wonderful day!
We drove to our far-away church, 
enjoyed the beautiful liturgy, blessing of water and blessing of the Church...
One of the lovely moments in the blessing of water, 
was that there was a young boy nearby and he was watching 
from "up high" (being in his tall father's arms) and our 
far-away priest gave him the Cross to kiss all by himself,
he was really excited. :) 
(side note: in the Theophany season
one has one's house blessed...
 we are having our house blessed next week Sunday night!
I am so excited! It always feels like the house is new afterwards, 
as if all is forgiven, washed, soothed and restored... )
To learn more about Theophany you can go here or here
to start! :) ). 
We had lunch near church and then went home...
I fell asleep in the car for about 30 or so minutes!
Then we were home, I prepared the delicious! 
Turkey Encore Casserole, with the homemade 
cream sauce! It worked perfectly!
Mr Husband rested while I was doing the last 
preparations and then they were here!
Munchkin + Mom and we had a wonderful time!
The Munchkin was, as kids are, in a hurry for every thing he loved, 
doing the Christmas crackers, playing with Uncle/Mr Husband,
 having his piece of cheesecake. ... he enjoyed his presents and 
esp the "Diary of the Wimpy Kid Mad Libs" .... 
and then it was time for goodbyes and 
just as he was going through the front door, 
he looked at me and gave me a spontaneous hug. 
He has a long history of being sad when he leaves us so it was not a full surprise 
but yet it was so nice to see and receive. 
And just seeing him be a kid still, at 9.5 years old, 
saying he was king because of the crown...
It means so much to me that he feels loved here
and is growing up with some happy memories at our home...

It is for moments like this that I have collected my
Christmas dishes, bought English Christmas Crackers, and 
decorate our home for Christmas!
I've been so blessed with dear friends and also family 
sending gifts to us...
The Munchkin gave me his present for me
(I think his Mom was directly involved, since he's 9.5 years old ;) )
on Christmas itself but I promised him I would save it for
when he came as I had things to give him as well.
I did not peek though I was so curious, as it was fairly heavy.
They have us such sweet and useful gifts...
A jar of jam that can be used as a cup afterwards, 
a blueberry vinaigrette, and a lovely pad of paper!
We have a pad of paper similar in size to the gift we were given
and that pad is running low...
so often God reminds me that He has every detail of our life
in His mind and even knows when we need a new pad of paper...
I keep thinking of my Grandma and how she says
how thankful she is and how very blessed.
Me too....
And that was Theophany and our Theophany night 
Christmas dinner!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The 12th Day of Christmas...

My dear friend who is moving soon to Russia
came about 10:20 AM...
...I was making the first of 4 Christmas crackers for tomorrow....
We tried in vain to fix the hinge of the cupboard door...
Then we began the sewing process, 
first measuring and then picking thread and so on.
Lunch was simple, wonderful English muffins,
with fruit, jam and tea.
We discussed tea and jam and my friend gave me a recipe for
making a lemon jam...or jelly... 
Then clearing lunch and much sewing, cutting, ironing, 
and we did so much! I only have to finish the bottom and the top!
It is all in one piece and the pockets are sewn on!
I can't use them for really pockets as the fabric is vintage and
we did not use any interfacing in it to make it stronger.
My friend left at 7 PM! Just as my Husband was coming home...
We went to the diner for dinner and then prayers and 
I put away all the sewing things, did the dishes, thawed the turkey + gravy, finished
the Christmas crackers and set the table for
tomorrow's dinner. 
Now I can rest easy: all I need to do tomorrow afternoon 
is make the Turkey encore casserole! 
I am using an Amish recipe that calls for canned cream of chicken soup....
instead tomorrow instead plan on making 
a roux with cream, milk, a hint of sour cream, chicken stock and turkey gravy. 
It should be a great casserole! 
Rest of menu:

~hot apple cider (trader joes)
~cranberry sauce
~cheesecake and brownies for dessert 
And that was the very special 12th day of Christmas!
DV we go to Theophany liturgy tomorrow;
because of the long drive to church,
there was no way to make it to vigil tonight
but tomorrow DV we will be there!