Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stress on Holy Tuesday

Saw the decorator yesterday.
A dear close friend accidentally
opened the window screen and
suddenly Cleo was there
with wind blowing her fur
and I had to grab her -
she has no concept of windows and
I am 8 floors up.
If she would of gone forward
I would of lost her;
she would of fell 8 storeys down.
Planning a wedding
when you have no family at all
within many many miles of myself
is really stressful.
I am struggling to de-stress;
The pressure of it all
is ridiculous.
It's hard when one feels that
they have virtually
no one with them to help or
delegate with.
That I still have to pack and plan my move
is something I am merely trying
unsuccessfully to ignore.
I tell you this though:
the answer is still the same for my struggle.
rejoicing in God
asking God for help.


E Helena E said...

Thank the Lord that Cleo is okay!
What a scare!

DebD said...

quite the scare, indeed.

When my oldest was getting married she was very busy finishing up school. I did a lot of the planning for her. Perhaps you can delegate some items to your mom?

But either way, it will all come together. That initial planning time can be stressful. Just remember... all you really need is a priest, the choir, a church, and the groom! LOL.

elizabeth said...


yes, it was really scary!

The thing is that my Mom is in the States and I am in Ottawa and the wedding is in Ottawa. As much as she would like to help, it is not possible for her to come here. So it really is up to me.

Orthoman and I are communicating a lot about how to make this work with less stress. Hopefully we can figure out more this week, while still honouring Holy Week for the salvation of our souls.